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Classical Babies is a series of regular concerts that are performed across London, especially for mums and babies! The events are tailored to create a concert experience in a friendly place for mums to relax and meet each other and also importantly, to allow their babies to be babies!

Antonia Azoitei, co-founder and Managing Director of Classical Babies, set up the first concert when her own baby was 6 months old. What started as a small concert for friends in her living-room has now become a popular event that takes place regularly in venues across London and Greater London.

Shortly after Classical Babies started, I was asked to play for them and had a ball! Playing for parents and their babies is a very different experience to playing for adult audiences or panels of judges. I enjoyed the concerts so much that I joined Antonia and set up Classical Babies at the Landmark Arts Centre in Teddington in September 2012. It rapidly became so popular that I now run series in three venues (Teddington, Kew and Chiswick) and will soon be starting a fourth.... It’s location is still a secret!

Mothers and babies watching concerts together can be extremely beneficial in so many ways. They are wonderful bonding experiences and are great fun! The music chosen for Classical Babies concerts is always carefully selected to appeal to both mums and babies and the performances given by the musicians are just as professional as they would be in any other concert. In fact, all the musicians who play, also frequently perform with top UK orchestras, and tour internationally in different capacities. Every concert is different and they range from solo piano to song recitals, wind ensembles and string quartets.

“Listening to classical music can help babies and children to identify and express their emotions and not only uses the rational left-side of their brains but also taps into their creative imagination, helping them develop into well-rounded and balanced individuals later on. Plus, it doesn't do adults any harm either..."
Antonia Azoitei

Please bear with us while our website is being redesigned and updated. In a few weeks we’ll have a great new site where you can access up-to-date information about future concerts, artists and all the other things Classical Babies is up to! In the meantime our most up-to-date information can be found on our Classical Babies Facebook page, and you can follow us on Twitter @classicalbabyco

New venue coming to Epsom soon!

Our concerts in Teddington and Kingswood are very popular and we are delighted to have so many fantastic musicians playing for us!. Due to more local interest, we're starting a new series of monthly concerts in January at St. Martin of Tours church house in Epsom. It's a beautiful, spacious room with plenty of natural light and a kitchenette so we can provide the grown-ups with coffee and snacks.

As well as our regular musicians, we are always expanding and coming up with new groups and combinations. We've recently welcomed more saxophonists, guitarists, wind and string players to Surrey and hope to add percussionists, brass players and accordionists into the mix very soon.

Classical Babies in Surrey has also taken a turn for the healthier and we now provide sugar-free snacks for our concerts in Teddington and Epsom, in the way of fresh fruit and Nakd Bars.

Visit the Classical Babies website at for up-to-date information about up-coming concerts.

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Classical Babies