Nadine Andre - professional pianist & music teacher
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Nadine Andre - professional pianist & music teacher

In a world of growing commercialism and electronic media, our need to find inspiration and beauty in our lives is also growing.

I believe that music making is one of the most successful ways we can do this. Our sense of hearing is the first to develop and the last to leave us, and it is our feelings that should guide us when we manipulate sounds to create music.

This is one of the most important forms of expression and, if approached in the right way, has an abundance of benefits that can be both physical and psychological. Music gives us an opportunity to bond socially with our friends and family, and to meet new people. Playing music with one another is a powerful way to communicate and helps us to understand the people we develop relationships with on a deeper level. It is through understanding others that we can begin to understand ourselves.

As well as our emotional wellbeing, music can also be of great benefit to our health.

Music is so much more than the standardised, results-based system that we are so often encouraged to follow.

Many of the concepts that I use in my teaching come from work that I have done with my husband, Paul Cavaciuti. Paul is not only a highly successful jazz drummer and one of the UK’s most important music educators, he is also a qualified Music for Health practitioner, whose many years training and experience in that field have given him a unique insight into how people make and respond to music. What I have learnt from Paul during the past five years has deepened my understanding of music in several ways. It has also helped me to increase my confidence, overcome performance anxiety, improve my musical memory and, most importantly of all, has helped me to rediscover my love of music and playing the piano, which the pressures and stresses of professional performance training had greatly diminished. For that, I am eternally grateful to Paul and wish to share what I have learnt from him with as many people as possible.

Why learn music?

Part of learning about music is to learn how it affects the way we feel, and to realise when this is a positive thing, and when it is negative. If we do this, we can also realise the potential in music to raise the energy, and consequently the vitality, of ourselves and those around us. This gives music a higher purpose, and a good reason to create it!

My aim as a musician is to promote these qualities in both my playing and teaching; to give those who hear me play, a positive and enjoyable experience, and to give those I teach a love of music and playing the piano that will stay with them for life.

Nadine Andre